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Your health is our mission.

About Us


To be a recognized leader in healthcare services.


To promote health and wellness within the community by providing a Medical Home to reduce barriers to care and ensure access to a full range of coordinated health care and wellness services.


  • Treat all patients with dignity, compassion, confidentiality, and respect.
  • Provide high quality, accessible, affordable health care services.
  • Maintain a work environment that motivates, rewards, and values staff.
  • Partner with community agencies to address the health care needs of the entire community.

Facts about SCH:

  • SCH is your Primary Care Medical Home.
  • SCH is a non-profit community health center (link) that is governed by a Board of Directors.
  • SCH is accredited and certified by The Joint Commission.
  • SCH employs more than 290 clinicians and support staff.
  • IN 2015, SCH provided more than 130,000 services to people in all walks of life and ability to pay.
  • SCH staff acted as preceptors and teachers for more than 200 health science students in 2015

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