While Federal Law requires all health insurers to cover the full costs of COVID-19 testing and evaluation, section 3202(b) of the CARES Act requires providers to make public the cash price of a COVID-19 diagnostic test. In accordance with this guidance, the cash price for COVID-19 diagnostic testing at Shenandoah Valley Medical System, DBA Shenandoah Community Health, is up to $100 or between $15-$35 for patients on our sliding fee program.

Shenandoah Community Health accepts most commercial insurance plans as well as Medicaid, Medicare and offers a sliding fee program for those who qualify, finances are never a barrier to care at SCH.

Sliding Fee

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Currently, SCH will file an insurance claim for all participating plans. However, filing an insurance claim does not guarantee payment. Benefits are determined by the carrier once the claim is received and processed. Patients are advised to contact their individual insurance carrier to verify the type of benefits available to them as well as participating providers.