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About Us


To be a recognized leader in healthcare services.


To promote health and wellness within the community by providing a Medical Home to reduce barriers to care and ensure access to a full range of coordinated health care and wellness services.


  • Treat all patients with dignity, compassion, confidentiality, and respect.
  • Provide high quality, accessible, affordable health care services.
  • Maintain a work environment that motivates, rewards, and values staff.
  • Partner with community agencies to address the health care needs of the entire community.

Statement on Health Equity

Born out of the civil rights and social justice movement of the 1960s, the nation’s Community Health Centers serve to this day as advocates for quality care and health equity for all. Our daily mission is to address health care inequities. As such, we are first-hand witnesses to the direct and damaging effect of violence, stress, physical and mental abuse on the health and well-being of our patients.

We share deep sorrow for the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others. We mourn with their families, friends and communities. We likewise look on with sadness at the anger, hate, contempt and violence spilling onto America’s streets, devastating cities across the nation, and creating fear and anxiety in citizens across this great land.

We treat everyone with respect, dignity and compassion regardless the color of their skin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, income level, ability to pay, or any other status. We are united in providing high quality, accessible, affordable health care services and serve as advocates for quality care and health equity for everyone. We also actively strive to maintain a diverse work environment that unifies, inspires, and values staff and is free from discrimination and racism.

In addition, as a community health center, we are rooted in and responsive to our community. We work with our local community partners, local government and our healthcare peers to encourage each other to be better and work together in serving our community.

Facts about SCH:

  • SCH is your Patient Centered Medical Home.
  • SCH is one of over 1,400 community health centers nationwide, one of 31 in West Virginia
  • SCH is governed by a Board of Directors who are representative of the population served.
  • SCH employs close to 300 clinicians and support staff.
  • SCH collaborates with healthcare providers and community groups.
  • SCH provides culturally and linguistically appropriate care.
  • SCH provides services to people of all walks of life and ability to pay.
  • SCH staff acts as preceptors and teachers for hundreds of health science students.
  • SCH’s WIC Nutrition Services provides nutritional services for participants in the area.
  • SCH serves everyone, regardless of ability to pay, and is especially focused on high risk populations.
  • SCH accepts most commercial insurance and offers a sliding fee discount for those that qualify.

2021 SCH Value & Impact Report

Shenandoah Community Health Value and Impact Report
Joint Commision Quality Control